Day 17 : A different side to Japan…

We left at about 12 to go to Tokyo Comike. I didn’t know what it was even though I had heard a lot about it from Tom who really wanted to go and I had heard there would be a lot of people so I decided to come along. However, I didn’t realise it was a fan fiction and cosplay convention! Everywhere inside were stands selling manga “romance” fan fictions called Doujinshis and outside were half naked chicks dressed as their favourite anime characters being photographed. A scene straight out of a playboy mansion… I guess it was interesting and it opened my eyes to a different perspective of Japan but it definitely weirded me out! The family we were staying with just kept laughing XD! We ate at the convention then we went to Akihabara to visit the electronics district. We separated at Animate, a manga related store and I left to walk around. I stumbled across an arcade filled with pros. (I couldn’t help but think they dedicated their lives to the arcade). I just ended up looking at a few of them since they weren’t going to let anyone else play XD! The 3rd floor was for the smokers and I left. There was a yoyo competition in Akihabara but we left before it could start. Bought a yoyo though, however I didn’t realise it was for pros so it doesn’t retract… Then we went to Asakusa to see the most famous temple in Tokyo and maybe even Japan. It was really impressive! It had a giant red lantern at the entrance welcoming people in. We did the same ritual as in the Meiji shrine and left (very touristy). We then drove to sunshine city again (remember the giant department store?) to have dinner. Went to a tonkatsu restaurant (serves breaded deep-fried pork cutlets). It was delicious. Went back to the house and went to sleep.


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