Day 14 : Pokemon Center Fun!

After waking up, we had breakfast at Starbucks. We met with Ohmori-san and he introduced us to a 19 year old girl (for which I cannot remember the name…shame on me) who would show us around Tokyo. We wanted to go to a Pokemon centre since we were in Tokyo and walked to Sunshine City, a giant department store.


We entered the store and bought a few things and found out they were holding an event related to a new Pokemon. It was a sort of treasure hunt where we had to find secret passwords in order to get to the final word. Naturally we chose the hard option and took about an hour to get to the end. It was a lot of fun though!


(Btw…the final password was pikachu, go figure) After that, we entered the Studio Ghibli store where I thought I would go crazy and buy the shop. But I managed to control myself (barely) and only bought a few items.

At that point it was noon and Ohmori-san and the girl had to leave. We said goodbye and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. I ordered way too much food but managed to sort of finish everything. Went back to hotel. Bought takeaway at a nearby 7/11 and ate it at the hotel. Got caught up on all my manga and went to sleep.


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