Day 13 : The Terrific Tokyo Tower!

Today, after having breakfast, we helped Sumika’s family with the construction of a new shed. We started by getting rid of what was in the way (trees, shrubs and rocks) and opened all the boxes. Laying the foundation was harder than we thought because we had to get the first couple of beams perfectly straight so we needed to add or take away dirt accordingly. In the end, we pretty much only got that done. By that time, it was time for lunch so we ate, packed our bags and said goodbye to the parents.

Then Sumika drove us to the station and we met up with her grandfather at the same time. We introduced ourselves and jumped on the train. The first train took us to Koreyama. We then changed and took the next one to Tokyo. We arrived in Ikebukuro where our hotel is.


There, we met with Akemi who was staying with Yukiko-san (I think) and Ohmori-san, the man who would be our guide for our first days in Tokyo. We said goodbye to Akemi and joined Ohmori-san. The first thing we did was go to Tokyo Tower.


It’s basically the Eiffel Tower, only this one is painted orange and white (apparently to ward off any blind planes who can’t see a giant monument in front of them) and has a floor dedicated to One Piece (a manga)! We bought the tickets to go to the top, as well as visit the One Piece floor and went to the observatory deck. I wanted to climb the stairs and forced everyone to follow me (>{}<) hehe!!!

  Over 600 steps in total. The view from the top was great! We could see really far out and since it was already quite late, the building lights shone brightly against the night sky. We even saw a few random fireworks. We wanted to go to the peak of the tower but the queue was way to long and it would have taken us an hour to get through…


After that, we went to the One Piece floor. It was pretty fun! There were models and arcades we could see and play at!

We then went to the resultant with Ohmori-san and ate soba noodles for dinner. Went to bed.


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