Day 12 : Charity Concert!!!

Beautiful day today! Had breakfast and walked the dogs. We stopped off at one of their neighbours and had a drink.


Went back home and practiced for the concert scheduled for 4pm. We then went to a soba restaurant close to the house.






It was really really good! Really cool place and great food. I think soba noodles are my favourite now. I love dipping them in the broth and slurping them like crazy. It’s really tasty too! People say you shouldn’t drink the remaining broth once you’ve finished since it’s really salty but I love it! 


After we finished eating, we went to Goshichi Numa (literally meaning 5 colours lake). It was beautiful! It was such a vivid blue too! It’s hard to believe a volcano eruption less than 200 yeas ago created this lake!


When we returned home, is was nearly time for the concert so we quickly prepared. About 10 people were invited but I was still nervous. Tom and I alternated between our pieces and we managed to collect 10000 yen (about 50£)! The concert went better than I expected!
We all ate dinner (curry) then North and Akemi prepared to leave. We accompanied them to the station and said goodbye.

(They’re in the train btw). Tom wanted to send his guitar to Aomori at the same time so he wouldn’t have to lug it around Tokyo and so we stopped at a nearby convenient store where we sent it away. Here, we found some really neat anime merchandise and couldn’t resist buying some! We all went back to the hot springs and stayed a little longer at the arcade this time. We then went back to the house, then back to the springs again to retrieve my wallet which I had left on one of the games…(-_-) Went to bed.


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