Day 11 : Meeting Manami and Maria!

Woke up early so I could have a swim in the hotel pool. Since it opened at 8:00 am, I had breakfast first then swam for about an hour. There was no one there so I had the pool to myself! I met up with Akemi at 9:45 and we all left the hotel to go to Sendai. There, we first met Manami and her grandma. Both very nice. Manami was really shy but her grandmother was very lively! (^_^)

Then we all took the train together to go to Maria’s orphanage. There, we introduced ourselves. We went to a department store and the girls went shopping, so we stayed in a restaurant to have lunch. I had pasta napolitana. When we all met up again, it seemed to me Maria was a lot happier so that made me feel better and we all said goodbye at the station. We took the train to Fukushima where we met up with Sumika’s father (remember Sumika? The girl from Yakushiji that helped with the charity?) who drove us to their holiday home in the mountains. It is amazing over here! The air is so pure you would think it was made in heaven! Their home is in front of a National Park so there is forest everywhere! Also, they have two beautiful dogs that I love (Sophie and Lily). We arrived just in time for dinner and ate sushi. It was great! I even got to make my own nigiri! After eating, the family proposed to bring us to the hot springs nearby and we all went. The hot springs belonged to a hotel. The men and women went their separate ways and we went to the changing rooms, got naked and entered the baths. To be honest it’s not that weird…I mean it’s a bit shocking seeing a bunch of naked men everywhere, but if you don’t look it’s fine… (*~*)

As we entered we had to follow some steps so I’ll just list them all :

First, you rinse yourself using a bucket of water. Then you step into the indoor spring for a few moments. Then you go outside in the outdoor spring and soak for as long as you like. When you come back inside, you must wash and scrub yourself completely clean. Then you step into the sauna for 5 minutes and then the cold water bath (which is freezing after the steam room!) and finally you soak in the indoor pool for a bit before leaving to change. Then you can groom yourself in the changing room (shave, brush your hair…) and change into your comfortable clothes/pyjamas. Finally there’s a place where you can sit down and get a foot massage and back rubs (with machines) and voila! I’m completely relaxed! It feels really good I must say!

At the entrance to the springs is an arcade so we played a bit while we waited for the girls. We then went back home and went to sleep.

PS : Sorry! No pictures today…My phone had no battery… (>#<)


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