Day 4 : Himeji Aquarium!

This morning, the three of us went to the aquarium after eating breakfast. It was really fun and interesting and we got to see all kinds of new and great sea creatures! My favourite was the sea turtle but all were really cool! 

We then went to a ramen bar on our way back which was absolutely delicious and my first proper ramen meal ever!

Michiko-san then dropped us off at Himeji city centre (the place we went to after visiting Himeji Castle) while she did some shopping for tonight. There was so much awesome stuff that I wanted to buy but I forgot my money… (-_-).

This evening, Michiko-san invited some other friends over for dinner. The food was so delicious! (Unfortunately no pictures) everyone was so friendly here. Tomorrow, we leave for Nara, where we will meet Akemi-sensei and everyone else!


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