First Stop…Himeji!!!

After 11 hours of flight, we finally arrive in Osaka, Kansai airport. We landed at about 8:30 so a whole day had passed during our travel! I think Tom and I managed to get some sleep but we still remained tired upon arrival!


Even though it is early in the morning, the temperature is already very high (28 degrees!!!) and the air is very humid in the summer here! We then took a bus from the airport to Himeji, taking a few hours also, and met Michiko Shirai, our very first host! She was very nice and drove us to a nearby restaurant to have lunch (meeting a friend there) and then went shopping for some food in a mall. We then drove to Michiko-san’s house and settled in our rooms.

At about 3pm, Michiko-san had to go to her mother’s cousin’s husband’s funeral who died of lung cancer. We caught up on some sleep while she was away and slept until 9pm! When Michiko got back, we had dinner (yakisoba!) which was delicious!!! Here are some pictures :

image     image

We then met Michiko-san’s daughter, Fueka-san, who came at about 10pm, and then spoke about our plans for tomorrow. We will visit Himeji castle!!!



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